Why Malo clinic israel

Since its establishment in 1995, MALO CLINIC sustained its exponential growth in several distinguished factors that were a crucial factor for in just a few years becoming the World’s Leader in Implantology and Dental Aesthetics, based on amount of treated patients, the complexity degree of the cases treated and the magnitude of its clinics.


Throughout the years MALO CLINIC developed innovative techniques, protocols and products, among which the All-on-4TM concept, considered one of the major breakthroughs of the latest 40 years in the field of Dentistry. This approach makes possible that edentulous people, even at the most complex cases, can have fixed teeth in just one visit, with the placement of only 4 implants in each jaw, through a quick and minimal invasive procedure and without need of bone grafting. The surgical techniques All-on-4TM were distinguished with 2010 COTEC-UNICER Innovation Prize, a prize that aims to promote business innovation in Portugal.

As a result of its continuous investment on Research and Development, MALO CLINIC’s team is co-author of several textbooks and published 80 scientific articles in numerous international peer-review journals.

MALO CLINIC has developed several innovative products that are actually used by hundreds of dentist across the world. Many of those products were a result of sharing expertise and knowledge with our partners of excellence.


The reason why Heraeus is our partner


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Nobel Biocare®

The reason why Nobel is our partner

Nobel Biocare®


A Medical Team for Each Specialty of Dental Medicine

Aiming to provide you with a high standard quality service, MALO CLINIC has available a numerous team of experts, working exclusively on a specific area of Dental Medicine. This model allows that during the several stages of the treatment plan, patients can receive a detailed and personalized supervision by a doctor from the area in question.

Personalized Treatment Plan

When you first come to MALO CLINIC you will be examined by one of our doctors and your medical history will be reviewed. A comprehensive exam will be performed which includes sophisticated diagnostic imaging generating a 3D CT Scan of your jaws. This will allow doctors to evaluate all aspects of your oral health and then decide about the appropriate Treatment Plan for you.
Therefore, every Treatment Plan is made according to the specific needs of each patient, and considering all the steps that patients should take in order to end up with a perfect oral condition, functional and esthetically.

A Worldwide Network of Clinics

Aiming to make the innovative techniques of Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry accessible to a largest number of people, using the same medical protocols and assuring the same rigour and quality, MALO CLINIC began its internationalization process. Therefore in 2007, MALO CLINIC started to open several clinics in strategically chosen cities in order to achieve at medium term a global position placing the group as a world’s leader in its sector.

MALO CLINIC has an expansion plan that envisages the presence by the end of 2012 with owns Clinics, partnerships and affiliations in 19 cities in the world. Also in Portugal, MALO CLINIC has recently expanded its presence with a set of clinics, strategically placed so that the entire national territory is covered from north to south, answering in this way to the needs of the whole Portuguese population.

Angola (Luanda); Australia (Melbourne); China (Macau, Shanghai); Japan (Tokyo); Israel (Ramat Hasharon) Morocco (Casablanca); Poland (Warsaw); Spain (La Coruña, Madrid); United Kingdom (Teddington); USA (New Jersey).

High Standard of Quality and Comfort

Besides the continuous process of Research & Development, MALO CLINIC bases its mission on the high standard of medical services, equipment, environments and patient amenities, always with a focus on the quality of patient care.

With a dimension far above from the average in the sector, MALO CLINIC has the same corporate image in all existing clinics which are placed in landmark buildings, strategically located in areas with easy access.

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